Celebrating Three Decades with Dance Party at 3

20 Mar

Providing a fun, healthy work environment is a priority at The Insurance Source where we’re celebrating “Three Decades of Dedication to protecting families, friends and neighbors.” Our typical day involves reviewing clients’ coverage to safeguard homes, autos, businesses, boats and toys. But as the day goes on, there’s a surprise coming. Each day at precisely 3pm, we stop for a 5-minute exercise and stress break we call “DANCE PARTY at 3.”

We wind up our appointments and calls so we can stand up at 2:59, make our way to a hallway where no one else in the building will notice. And then we play someone’s favorite music and… dance. Five minutes later, we’re back to work… energized, feeling great about the people we work with and ready to keep providing the best service possible to our customers.

THROW YOUR OWN DANCE PARTY AT 3. Here’s the idea. To celebrate The Insurance Source’s THREE DECADES OF DEDICATION to protecting families, friends and neighbors, everyone in the community is invited to join us for Dance Party at 3. Where you live or work, at 3pm on Wednesday, April 30,  stop and… DANCE. For a few minutes. Share your plans on Facebook and see how many others take a dance party break. It may turn into the biggest dance party the region has ever seen by having the most simultaneous, small dance parties!  Call for more information 357-2219.