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Reducing the Impact of Cyber Crime

23 Feb

Every business handles some sort of data – on operations, products, customers, and more. That means every business stands to lose something valuable if it were to suffer a data breach. Data breaches have become increasingly common among small businesses, so it’s more important than ever to protect your business against these types of incidents.  […]


23 Dec

Protecting Your Business Against Equipment Breakdown No matter the size or type of business you own, your equipment and technology help keep your operation running. Without fully functioning equipment, how would your business fare financially? While standard property insurance protects you against external causes of loss, such as fire, losses resulting from equipment failure—such as […]

Protecting Data in the Cloud

17 Dec
Protecting Data in the Cloud

As many organizations move resources to cloud-based environments, their unique characteristics can present new and undocumented risks. Cloud end-points generally suffer from the same problems as on-premise hosts, with a few additional twists. Organizations not aware of this often leave management controls unmonitored, resulting in weak or uncontrolled password policies, security settings and vulnerabilities. From […]

Top Cyber Threats for 2016

08 Dec
Top Cyber Threats for 2016

  Businesses and organizations of all sizes have an exposure to cyber attacks and it is only getting worse.  Did you know that unless you’ve added the coverage specifically to your business insurance policies, you probably DO NOT have coverage for this type of loss. On average the direct cost to a small business for a […]


24 Mar

Make reduce, reuse and recycle a part of your routine  “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” Most likely, you’ve heard that catchy phrase connected with information about saving natural resources and even saving your family money. But how many of us really make reducing, reusing and recycling a part of our everyday life? At The Insurance Source, we’re […]