XactPay Xpress Workers Comp

If you have seasonal or fluctuating payroll we have an exciting new program for you! XactPay will help you:

  • Improve your Cash Flow
  • Eliminate Large Down Payments and Billing Fees on your Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Minimize Your Audit Adjustments

With XactPay Workers Compensation, you pay your workers compensation premiums when you pay your employees and it is based on the payroll amount for that given period of time.

No more estimating what your annual payroll will be at the beginning of your policy term.

This is how it works:

Each pay period, you tell Hartford what your payroll numbers were, they in turn figure out what your premium is for that given period of time and bill you for your workers compensation premium accordingly. You are paying your workers compensation premiums based on REAL payroll numbers not estimates.

If you’re a business that has less payroll in the winter…no problem you pay less premium in the winter!

When you start your policy and at each renewal, no more down payment of 20 to 25%, instead your first payment is based on your payroll figures for that pay period.

Audits become a breeze because you have been reporting your payroll all year, no more worries at large additional payments for the previous year.

Learn more by contacting us or viewing the XactPay Xpress Demo.


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